At Lindsey Communications, we’ve always worked to bring you the very best in entertainment choices, like our expanded Pay-Per-View choices, many Great Channels AND MORE – it’s your pathway to great entertainment.

Lindsey Communications brings you the best in great entertainment choices. From local channels to hundreds of cable favorites, features like Pay-Per-View and your choice of multiple channels of HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and Starz at select locations- you can choose the entertainment that fits your life.

Lindsey Communications cable packs make selecting the entertainment services you’re looking for easier than ever before. From Lindsey Communications Basic cable through our Expanded cable packages & Premium movie services; we’ve grouped our best services together to make the selection process easier than ever before.

By grouping our entertainment choices together in easy to understand packages, Lindsey Communications channel packs offer better value to you. The value starts with your choice of entertainment, the simplicity of choosing the package that fits your life, and the value of getting it all from one local source.

To order Lindsey Communications Cable service, or learn more, contact a Lindsey Communications sales representative at 1-888-248-8886.

Some offers and services may not be available in all areas, and prices may vary by market. Installation, equipment and other charges may apply, please call Lindsey Communications for specific details. Additional terms and conditions may apply to Lindsey Communications Cable Services. Service plans subject to change with or without notice.

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